«The Moon Landings: One Giant Leap». A book that explores the fascinating events that led up to the moon landing. Both scientific and political.

Since Apollo 11’s first ground-breaking moon landing in 1969, the world has been engrossed in space exploration. And infinitely curious about how we got there and what might be next.

What enables us to break free from Earth’s gravitational well? What does it take to become an astronaut and survive in space?

Landing on the Moon explores the fascinating events that led up to the moon landing, both scientific and political. And how it has paved the way for many missions since.

About the author: Colin Salter is a history and science writer with a fascination for how things work, and how they used to work. He has written about everything, including the private lives of marine gastropods. His contributions to Chambers’ Biographical Dictionary include the entries for 500 living scientists. Other titles include Men on the Moon.