«Lots». From award-winning author Marc Martin comes a quirky fact-filled adventure for curious globetrotters, young and old.

LOTS by Marc Martin is an eye-catching, exhilarating ride round the globe. Ideal for (encouraging) perceptive, enthusiastic young citizens of the world, hungry for quirky facts and figures.

A sampler of breathtaking places, surprising details, and less typically celebrated facts about life in 14 different locations across all continents. LOTS is a visual banquet that will leave you hungry to go exploring, amazed at the richness. And variety and full technicolour glory of the planet we live on.

Each double page spread is dedicated to one location, with information (written and illustrated) flowing off and over the edges of each page. Introducing aspects of local flora, fauna, food, geography, transport, commerce, architecture and even facial hair and body language!

It’s a travel guide tasting menu, similarly aiming to excite, surprise and suggest. A starting point to induce awe and itchy feet!

The sheer illustrative detail is mind-boggling and marvellous. The rich colours add to the intensity created simply by the abundance of everything on each page. And for those who want the thrill of the hunt, every page has a hidden flag. And the narrator of the book waiting to be spotted.