«Little Story of Barça»: the story of a great hope. Astory to read, flip through, enjoy and to tell over and over again.

The story of Barça is the story of a great hope. The hope and dreams of a young Swiss man and his foreign and Catalan friends that lived in Barcelona and played football. It was an English sport that over time would become the most watched and played sport in the world. A sport involving feet and a ball that has become a universal language today, capable of joining communities and people. Hans Gamper and his colleagues founded Barça many, many years ago, as many as 112. That club, which started off small and modest, has now become one of the greatest and most admired clubs in existence, with millions of fans all over the world. Yet it has still managed to retain its independence thriughout its history and is owned by 176,000 members who possess that same hope and passion as those first pioneer culés.

In this small but grat book, you’ll find marvellous stories. Stories of epic victories and painful defeats. You’ll discover the legends that have made us great and the people that have made Barça more than a club.