Firmin by Sam Savage

Aventures d’un ratolí nascut al soterrani d’una llibreria de Boston dels anys 60. Firmin aprèn a llegir devorant les pàgines d’un llibre, però és clar que un ratolí cult és un ratolí marginat. Havent perdut la seva família i els seus amics, busca l’amistat del seu heroi, el llibreter i d’un escriptor fracassat. Una novel·la deliciosa sobre el poder de la literatura i de l’amistat.

Born in the basement of a Boston bookshop, Firmin is the 13th child of a rat with only 12 nipples. Left to fend for himself, he chomps on his bedding, a copy of «the Great Book», «the history of the world in four parts». Finnegans Wake is often dismissed as unreadable, but it has a miraculous effect on Firmin: suddenly, he can read.

At first, Firmin eats and reads without any discernment,  but his tastebuds grow so refined that they can distinguish the literary quality of a book.

Books define Firmin’s life, expand his imagination and cut him off from his fellow rats, who do not share his literary enthusiasms.

Firmin is bursting to express himself, but he cannot speak, write or operate a typewriter. He may have swallowed millions of words, but he has no way to regurgitate them. Sam Savage has written a wonderful celebration of the way reading enriches your life. Firmin may be a rat, but his imagination soars as high as that of any human.

Firmin by Sam Savage